Bal de L`Aube 

" Duo tout terrain habitué des bals sauvages* vous emmène danser jusqu'au bout de la nuit!"

free translation:
This all terrain Duo is used to play wild bals* and keeps you dancing to the end of the night! ;-)

* bals sauvages = wild bals, means the French Balfolk tradition of Jam sessions - spontaneously, on the streets, sometimes until dawn

Luca Fiorini (I) - chromatic accordion
Fabien Bucher (F) -  Mandoline


They only want to play!


Be ready for a frisky trip! 
Because the 7 musicians from around Munic don`t mind musical gaps of location, style nor genre. That means music to dance from all around Europe - sometimes wild, sometimes cuddly, loud and low, rocky or sung, traditionals and own repertoir, frequently upwind but always on the ball! 

On the shoes! There`s something coming up!


Charlotte Baur – violin

Nicola Bowen –  violin 

Lucas Dietl –  violin , cello

Stefan Ehrlich – flutes, Pommer, Schalmei, bagpipes, percussion

Felix Lipowsky – accordion, guitar, bagpipes, voice 

Bodo Meißner – Bodhran, dance instructor

Mirko Sutter – bagpipes, flutes, clarinettino, voice, percussion

Duo Bothe Molzahn

Two folk enthusiasts who share their passion for modern playing, rythmical accents and improvisation - that's why their pieces never sound exactly the same like the on the other bal, they are always a little bit unique... the intuition of the moment influences their co-playing!

With a lot of energized tunes but also some romantic pieces the take us on an exciting journey to France, in the Poitou and to Brittany - maybe some stops in Portugal and Scandinavia - Bon voyage!

Andreas Bothe (D) - diatonic accordion, percussions
Uwe Molzahn (D) - violin

Emily and the Simons

Emily & the Simons are an Anglo-Belgian Balfolk trio. They met in England’s Peak District, at the folk festival “Skint” and began to perform together professionally soon after. Their music is centred around Emily’s compositions, drawing inspiration from life's encounters and the energy of the dance-floor. 

Their style is highly expressive and improvisatory, full of passion, tenderness and playfulness. With a wide repertoire ranging from exquisite, sensual mazurkas to joyful, driving bourrées, their music transports the imagination, stirs the feet and uplifts the spirit.

Emily Bowden (UK) - violin 

Simon Dumpleton (UK) - chromatic accordion
Simon Laffineur (B)  - guitar 

L`Air Inconnu

L’Air Inconnu is an accomplice and creative musical trio, at the service of today's traditional dance, curious ears aswell as wild and domestic animals or plants.

Their compositions and arrangements of traditional themes are inspired by emotions and strong sensations experienced in balls and festivals: joy of encounter, intimate poetry, virulence of sound, energy of bodies in motion, collective trance, ...

Dani Velasco (ES) - violin 
Fabien Bucher (F) - guitar
Sylvain Pool (F) - accordéon, kick 


The Balfolk band Lunesk emerged from the dancing milieu in Leipzig. They took advantage of the lockdown to let their repertoire grow and flourish, and now they are ready to rock!
Their colourfully arranged compositions tell stories of fabulous parties, happy ghosts, savagesea monsters and glowing sunsets. Their music is not only characterized by groovy danceability but is also a great pleasure to listen to. The musical influences of the quintet go from French, Belgian and English Folk/Néotrad to Rock and Salsa. 

Tobias Biernoth –Cello
Anna Gaide –Diatonic accordion, clarinet 
Johanna Huhn  - Violin
Mara Senger –Diatonic accordion, voice
Benedikt Willberg –Percussion

Luca Fiorini 

Luca and his accordion: they dance together, sometimes gentle and slow, soft and romantic, sometimes in crescendo, strong and dynamic - always with passion and yes - heart.
Their melodies, traditional and own compositions, open up their world, the world of music and we taste this authentic breeze of italian emotion and joy of life.
With one single instrument Luca manages to carry so much energy and magic to the dancefloor that everyone feels connected - with him, with the music and with each other. 
A Balfolk experience.

Luca Fiorini (I) - chromatic accordion  


Simmelfolk Festival 2023
program may still change.


Bühl 6, 91245 Simmelsdorf, Germany

by public transport
The regional train "Schnaittachtal-Bahn (RB 31)" goes 1x per hour from Nuremberg main train station. It takes approx. 40 min.
Final Station is "Simmelsdorf-Hüttenbach".
From there about 10 min. by foot up the hill.

by car
from the Highway A9 (Berlin - Nuremberg) you take the exit Schnaittach (no. 48) and follow the direction to Simmelsdorf. After the crossing  in Simmelsdorf you turn right into the small street , following the sigh to Bühl.   

by plane
from Airport Nürnberg (Albrecht Dürer Airport) you take the Subway (U-Bahn) to Nuremberg main train station (15 Min). From there you take the "Schnaittachtal-Bahn", see above.

Bal Room 

We dance in the common room of the church community Mariä Heimsuchung. 
We have space for 100 dancers and a kitchen with everything. 


Common sleeping
In the sports club of SV Achteltal we can install our common sleeping place. It`s only 5 walking minutes from the venue. 
There`s a big gastronomy room, toilets, warm showers, a fully equipped kitchen.

Please bring your own mattress, sleeping bag and everything to make yourself comfy.
Its open from Thursday 18h until Monday 12h.
Please plan some time to arrange it to your needs and to clean sweep it until  Monday 12h.

Places are limited!


You can put your tent on the football ground.
Please no cars on the football field   (not as on the photo :-P)

Your van, mobile home, car, you can put on the car park next to the venue or next to the sportsclub.
Also along the walnut alley behind the venue is space, just make sure locals can pass. 

You can use the toilets / showers of the sports club. 

There are also B&Bs, Airbnbs, etc, let me know if you need assistance. 



Saturday and Sunday there will be a contributed Breakfast-Brunch-Lunch-Buffet. From the first hungry birds to the sleeping in hours.

The basics will be provided: coffee, tea, bread, butter, jam, milk, oats, yoghurt, eggs...
Please bring somethig from your region or what you like most for breakfast.
That`s gonna be an awesome, colourful, incredible tasty buffet canadien!

We cook together a big pot of a saisonal hot dish, so everyone gets something warm in the belly. I think of a vegan / vegetarian soup or curry. You`re welcome to bring special ingredients. Pimp my Eintopf.

We have good Simmelsdorfer tab water all around the clock and can prepare tea and coffee.
There will be local franconian beers, wine, juices and so on for small prices on trust (no bar).

SimmelFolk Festival in viral times 

At the moment everything is allowed, yeahhhy!


to share costs I ask you for a contribution of  77-99€.
It`s up to you how much you want to give.

Included is the rent of the bal room, the sports club, food for brunch and dinner and travel costs and salaries for the musicians. 
It`s highly appreciated if you want to give more -better food, extra tipps for musicians, maybe an extra band. 

In case you can not attend the festival you can pass your ticket on to another person. There are only weekend passes, but you can share your ticket, let me know.

If the costs are the reason for someone not to be able to participate, please let me know. We find a solution.
Small kids are free, for older kids you can give what you think, but they also have to be registered.


This year the registration will be on the Eveeno homepage. 
The registration will be open from

*** more infos coming soon ***


For any questions or ideas, contact me :-) 
[email protected]
Melanie Meichsner