SimmelFolk Festival

15.-17. September 2023

Dear friends from near and far, dancers, musicians and their friends!

We warmly invite you to the 3th edition of the Simmelfolk Festival - a weekend full of dance and music in a great surrounding and lovely atmosphere.

Together we want to create a intimate place of respect, community and happiness.  We celebrate happy reunions with old friends and meet new people, dance together, play music, sing, cook, eat and rest together, share hours at the bonfire, talk, hug and laugh ... and much more.

Come and tell your friends!

Festival philosophy

This festival is a community project.
It`s made with you, by you and from you. 
Without you, there is only the empty venue.  

Everyone is asked to bring in their skills, their power, energy and presence to create this festival. 
It doesnt matter if you can play music, give a workshop, cook a meal or help preparing, cleaning, organizing... everything is welcome and appreciated. 
Every participant contributes one or two small tasks, to make the festival happening - it's co-creation!

At the Bühl 

The festival takes place at Bühl in Simmelsdorf, the gate to the Franconian Swiss.

Its the perfect place for a festival: very few neighbors and even less traffic, but lots of space,  green hills surrounded in beautiful nature. 
It doesn`t matter if you want to dance all around the clock or just enjoy the quiet nature, the late summer invites you to simply be here.

You are welcome to this place and celebrate music, friendship and life with US!